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Blessed with fine weather and with all its phases complete, the curtain has quietly closed on this rally. Now with the closing ceremony and awards ceremony complete, all persons are on the road home with promises to get-together for next year. The current rally has shown the upcoming power of the Mongol auto division. The progress made by Hino was the target of attention, the Hino Sugiwara/Sugiura pair who had reached the overall top in ETAP7 and had the overall victory within their grasp, was forced to retire after the start of the final SS due to mechanical trouble.

However, the valiant fight they gave up to that time is itself worthy of praise. The almost miraculous fact that the camion nearly achieved an overall win against both the motorcycle and auto division in the cross country rallies is obvious to all. Even so the end is truly regrettable.

The Jimny #115 team that won the fighting-spirit award is brothers beloved by TeamAPIO. After overcoming failures like flipping over and endless mechanical trouble they completed the race with a smile. Yoko Wakabayashi who came to the rally without even a car navigation device gave a magnificent riding performance on her motorcycle. Though facing difficulties all along the way, she fully completed her ride along all parts of the course. Though it was a very tough fight for one woman to deal with alone she kept saying “This is fun, this is fun” in rapid succession.

The participating women riders from Mongolia also put up a valiant fight. The top positions were taken by the Mongol team but were all victories won on a thin margin.

Though this year also had prize money, the next year’s rally will also offer it. Preparations to establish a complete marathon class available are already underway. The curtain closed quietly on the 2015 rally but by all means keep your eyes wide open on Rally Mongolia from hereon.


ETAP-8 16 AUG. 2015 Special Bulletin

On the final day of the really, the #102 Sugawara/Sugiura pair for Hino who got off to a powerful start and were racing towards an overallvictory with a good time margin versus the competition found themselves stopped on a sand dune with mechanical trouble.
They were forced to give up continuing the rally any further.
This was a totally unexpected end for the team that was at last heading to complete their dream of an overall win with the Camion. The rally competition still continues and the lead group has still not arrived at the CP so the next in-depth report will come this afternoon.
Even still we almost had a look at the goddess of victory’s ponytail if not her smiling face.



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Route Information


■ETAP-8 16 AUG. 2015

S:272.00km L:95.33km P:17.85km TOTAL:385.18km


It’s the final day and the route almost seems like the highlights of this rally.
After leaving the bivouac, the SS starts with us driving towards sand dunes. After getting through the dunes, rich land appears with a flowing river. Proceeding along the river side, we cross a stream and drive along a piste heading east. We cross a sandy area we suddenly came upon and proceed through beautiful grasslands. Ahead is a wide valley which is also beautiful green. This place is on a route never before used in previous rallies. After passing the town and crossing the mountain, the green landscape becomes sparse. And the SS ends at a slightly lonely looking location.
Proceeding along a liason we find a paved road and gasoline stand. We fill up with fuel for reaching the goal and proceed along the paved road. We pass ahead of the start point for the Second RRM and head for Ulan Bator.
We all regroup on some vacant land just before Ulan Bator. From hereon we have an 18 kilometer parade. Then it on to a victory march to the Genghis Khan Hotel. The victory parade is on Sunday.





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Awards ceremony




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